Digital Hub

Working Together – Community Digital Hub


The Waterloo Housing Group and Bethany Community Outreach came together under their ‘Dream Scheme’ to provide a digital hub which has free access to Waterloo Housing Group tenants AND those who cannot afford an internet connection or lack basic IT skills.


General Access to Digital Hub


If you are not a Waterloo Housing Group Tenant and are struggling to access digital information that could help your situation, for example applying for housing or once assessed making a bid for housing on the Birmingham Choice Based Lettings site; looking for work or for information that will help your situation.   Please speak to one of our volunteers or the person sitting on the reception desk in Bethany Emergency Foodbank who will take your details and we will telephone you.


This will enable us to assess the level of help you need.  For example, if you struggle with IT Skills then we will provide someone who will be able to help you in what it is you need to accomplish or if it is the case of not having computer access or being able to afford the internet we will make the equipment you need available


Appointments at present are on a Wednesday or Thursday morning only by telephoning 0770 366 3506



Digital by Default – find out more by clicking here how Universal Credit can affect you